Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Oh, the sweet smell of summer.

We were skunked last night. 

There I was, blissfully dreaming about…well, something, when an odour pervaded my senses. I believe the first, brief sniff of skunk has a certain sweetness to it, so I awoke thinking about perfume. 

But then the full olfactory barrage hit. 

I pulled the blanket over my face. Too late, the smell had lodged in my nose. All the windows were open for cooling breezes and the room quickly filled with the stink that lingers. 

I swear I could still smell Monsieur Le Pew when I got up this morning. I definitely smelled the musk when I opened the basement door to let the cats up. I’m thinking that little stinker must have targeted the house. I just hope he/she doesn’t decide to stick around. 

Here are a couple links to some interesting skunk facts.

They are darn cute though, eh?

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