Thursday, October 25, 2012

Being a "foodie"

One of the best uses for the internet, in my opinion, is finding interesting cooking and baking recipes. I visit about a half dozen food blogs everyday to see what's cooking and to get ideas. I have a few butternut squash languishing in my cold room so it was fortuitous when I ran across this recipe:
Fettucine with Roasted Butternut Squash

I whipped this up last evening, and it looked EXACTLY like the picture (minus the pine nuts, because I didn't have any). It was also delicious. This was a meal that wouldn't have passed the taste test for Son2 (there's no meat, hehe) but for hubby and me it was perfect.

Something interesting in the comments section of the recipe caught my eye. Several people remarked that their hands got extremely dry after handling the squash. Now, I've cooked squash innumerable times and have never noticed this happening to me, but the idea lurked in my brain. I clasped a vegetable peeler in my right hand (I'm disgustingly right-handed), and held the squash in my left. After chopping the squash, I rinsed my hands. Continued with the prep, ate the meal (did I mention it was delicious?) and by the time I stacked the dishes in the washer the skin on my left hand was tight, dry and rough.

Back to the internet I went, and this is what I found.