Sunday, July 21, 2013


I'm on a ferry heading for home. The good news is that it's a beautiful, sunny day and there is just the barest of swells. The bad news is...there is no bad news.

I've spent the past week visiting friends and family. I had a fabulous time.

I started off by visiting my Dad and his wife. We had a great time, but it was too dang hot in the city. I was relieved to escape to our little slice of heaven.

My long-awaited and much anticipated visit with Son1 was fun and informative.

He's become quite skilled at skinning flounder.

The family reunion was a blast, and so well organized. The festivities were capped off by a fun concert of folk music with Blaine Henshaw.  (Sorry for the picture quality, all I had was my cell phone.)

Now I'm heading home, back to the real world. I'm already looking forward to coming back to my native land next month.

Oh, to cap off a perfect trip, we're now being given an impromptu live concert of fiddle music!

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