Thursday, February 21, 2013

Allergy season approaches.

And to that end, old-fashioned handkerchiefs, aka hankies, may be making an appearance in my life. I’ve been thinking about them for a while now, given my love of reading historical romances. Everyone has a hankie in those stories, from the large, white squares of the gentlemen, to the dainty, embroidered bits of linen of the ladies.

With spring around the corner, and the advent of pollen, I predict an increased need for a moisture collector.

In my hunt through the sewing cupboard for buttons for my recently finished knitting project (huzzah!) I came across a box of handkerchiefs that had belonged to my mother-in-law. The box itself is a piece of history – shallow, with a hinged lid and a quilted cover. Something you’d leave on top of your dressing table so a fresh hankie would always be at hand.

Anyway, I pawed thru the collection of hankies and became lost in the patterns of the printed cloth, the delicate lace edging and fine embroidery. Some of the hankies would be suitable for only a tear. Literally one tear, with no nasal involvement at all. Others would hold up to a few good blows.

 So I’m thinking of giving a few of the hardier variety a launder and a press, and tucking a couple into my handbag.  So much classier than digging a wadded up and tattered paper tissue from my pocket, don’t you think?


  1. Yay for a finished knitting project :)

    I, too, love hankies - carried one with my bouquet at my wedding (my grandmother's - lacey, beautiful and perfect for dabbing at those tears that continued to fall). My mom has quite the collection, but doesn't use them.

    As for me - I've begun using a couple of bandanas (you know, those cowboy kind) when I run. The nose has to keep up with the feet, you know, and I'm forever digging out tissue - sometimes losing it and having to go back to pick it up (never litter). The 'hankies' are working very well!!

    Good luck with the switch over from tissue to hankie!!

    1. I've got a hankie tucked up my sleeve right now! And I just remembered a few more hankies that I'd had as a child. Must dig those out.

      Heading to the wool store to start my next knitting project, hehe.