Thursday, February 14, 2013

When I'm not writing, I'm knitting.

I'm so close to the end of knitting my sweater, I can taste it.

Not really, I've yet to chew on the yarn. Bruno-the-cat quite often attempts to eat the strands as he plays along with me - it's evident that I'm having great fun playing with all that yarn. And there are two sticks to bat at, and catch, and chew the ends of. Of course he wants to play too! Mogget-the-cat doesn't get involved until I lay the work down, and then she promptly claims it as her bed.

The picture is of the two sleeves, worked at the same time, so I won't have to walk with a weird slouch to camouflage any row counting mistakes.

Not that I make mistakes. Nope.

I've four inches to knit on the sleeves, then I assemble the parts (back, two fronts [it's a cardigan], sleeves). At that point I'll pick up stitches along the neckline (oy!) and knit a shawl collar.

By the way, my favourite colour is purple.


  1. Beautiful - and the color (purple is my favorite, too). Too funny about the cats! As for the sleeves - if you did a row counting error, you could always push the sleeves up, no one would be the wiser ;) My mom used to knit me sweaters all the time and the best part was the fact the sleeves were long enough (store bought sweaters - nope).

    1. Store-bought sleeves were always a tad short on me, too. I don't recall Mum knitting a sweater, but she did mitts, socks and slippers every year.