Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Strawberries are perfection.

I saw this recipe for Strawberry Summer Cake and thought, wow, that sounds fabulous. Until I got to the part about the strawberries needing to be almost too over-ripe. Strawberries never get to that state in this house. Particularly with Son1 home from college. He is a fruit vacuum. Every time I turn around, the fruit bowl is empty.

But, huzzah! I was a bit tardy in picking the berries from our own wee strawberry patch, so I had enough “almost too ripe” berries for this recipe. I say again, huzzah! I also say “nom-nom” with near-orgasmic undertones. Seriously, if you have to hide the berries from your loved ones until they reach that perfect state of “just about too far gone”, then do so. They will thank you.

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