Wednesday, December 7, 2011

For supper last evening

I made this pork roast. I'm afraid I can't share the recipe. I'm doing some recipe testing for fellow author Carolyn Hughey for her upcoming Romancing the Chef's Toque series. If you want the recipe you'll have to buy the book. :-)

What I will share is that this was scrumptious. The stuffing was addictive - any bits that escaped during the carving were gobbled up by the cook. Not pictured is a raspberry/brandy sauce to accompany the pork. The combined flavours of pork, stuffing and sauce were positively orgasmic.

I've got a couple more recipes to test, which means we're eating really well this week.


  1. OMG - that looks so much better than the Kraft Dinner we scarfed down last night! Really, you should live closer so I can help you with these projects (and when I say 'help', I mean 'eat').

    What a great job - recipe tester. And the series sounds very interesting. Will it be a fiction work with recipes? I've always enjoyed reading books like that (if you've never read Like Water for Chocolate, it's one of my favorites). OK, enough questions - I'm going to link over to Carolyn's site and have a gander.

  2. Janet, we had plenty of leftovers for you and your hubby, hehe.

    The book is a romantic fiction, with a recipe at the end of every chapter, I believe. Seriously, I've LOVED every recipe of hers that I've tried. I can't wait til her books are pubbed - I'll be giving as gifts to my fellow foodies.