Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Winter doldrums

My body must be tired of winter. I have a craving for all things citrus. Yes, I know, here in North America, winter is the season when citrus fruits are at their most abundant. And cheapest. I suspect it has something to do with the growing season in the parts of the world where citrus fruits are grown. But I digress.

Thinking about oranges, lemons, etc. makes me think of summer. Might it have something to do with my summer drink of gin and tonic, with a wedge of lime? Perhaps. Regardless, right now, I can’t get enough of those citrus flavours. I’m drinking two or three large glasses of orange juice instead of my usual one small glass, used to wash down my multi-vitamin. I bought a jar of lemon curd, thinking I’d make a yummy sounding ginger cake with lemon frosting. That jar is now empty. Turns out lemon curd is delicious on toast.

I was in Target yesterday, and whilst standing in the check-out line, I was sorely tempted to buy a bag of gummy fruits, knowing full well I’d eat only the orange, green and yellow pieces. My mouth is watering right now thinking of the sweet/tart taste.

Yesterday afternoon, I gave in to my yearning. I also had a bunch of sad looking Clementine’s that needed using, so it was the perfect excuse. I went online, as you do, to search for a yummy recipe that involved oranges and cake, and found this. Oh my golly good heavens above, it is some good. I altered the recipe only in that I poked holes in the cake with a fork and drizzled the very hot glaze over the still warm cake while it was in the pan. Moist, orangey deliciousness.

I think a slice would make a great afternoon snack. So glad you agree with me.


  1. That cake looks awesome, Lu! I seriously think you should hire a Personal Taster - you know, like back in medieval times when the king and queen (you and your hubby) could very well be poisoned. I could send you my resume ;)

    Winter - bleh - is it over, yet!

    1. The cake IS awesome. The pieces I cut seem to get bigger and bigger. I blame the knife.

      Winter is extra blah today. It's raining, and washing all the nice clean snow off the top of the dirty, disgusting snow. Dismal.