Thursday, January 17, 2013

I made brownies.

I know, not exactly a "stop the presses" moment. I've made brownies more times than I can remember. From scratch and by doctoring a mix.

But the brownies I made yesterday may just be the best brownies ever made, ever.

I wanted to make something for dessert for the evening meal and I was undecided. I flipped through a couple of cookbooks, including one that is a collection of 100 varieties of a basic cookie recipe (many of which I've made, and they are yummy). Nothing piqued my interest.

So I went online and headed to one of my favourite sites, Good Food. I did a search for cakes and chocolate, because if it isn't chocolate, well, then, pshaw! And I found Fudgy Coconut Brownies. Oh my, good heavens, holy moly. The recipe is written for those in the UK, and, fortunately, I have a food scale so didn't have to do any brain-hurting conversions.

These brownies are rich, chocolatey, and buttery. The coconut is not at all overpowering, but just gives it a little bit of something extra. I believe I've finally found my go-to brownie recipe.


  1. I'll be right over for coffee ;)

    1. There are actually some left, Janet!

    2. What? Obviously P is not doing his job of cleaning up the desserts!!