Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Time flies

I remember as a kid, probably age 12 or 13, finding out that we were still using some of the stuff my parents got as wedding gifts. And I thought it was weird. All kinds of stuff that wasn’t broken or worn out even though it was so old!

Fast forward a bit.

Yesterday I had to buy a new coffee maker, the old one went kaput. And no, the old one wasn’t a wedding gift. The new one works fine, and is even programmable so once I figure out how that part works I’ll be able to wake up to coffee that’s ready and waiting.

This morning I discovered another feature of the new coffee maker – it turns itself off after two hours. I take longer than two hours to get through a pot of coffee (minus the cup hubby put in his travel mug). I like my coffee to be hot. I needed a receptacle that would keep my coffee hot. So I opened the cupboard over the fridge and pulled out the insulated carafe, the one we got for our wedding, all those years ago. It still works fine.


  1. Hey - all those days, weeks, months of checking the old blog spot...and here you are :)

    Great look - and I'm stalking, er, following.

    Our coffee maker also turns itself off - great feature because I am forgetful and then I get out and about and worry about stuff I may have left on - not so good if you're a slow coffee drinker. I just nuke my coffee, but the taste changes. Maybe I'll have to buy a carafe since we insisted on no wedding gifts (both of us came with full households having lived on our own for years).

  2. Hi Janet!! Thanks for stopping by.

    I agree, zapping the coffee changes the flavour. I'm glad now that we brought the carafe with us every time we moved.

  3. LOL! Amazing how we have all that stuff in the back of the cupboards that we forgot about! *digs out copper chafing dish* Except sometimes there is stuff you just don't use ... even after 27 years. LOL!

  4. Nina, we have an ice bucket still in it's box, 26 years later. I guess that's further proof of our non-party animal status.